Original Fish & Chips

2 Piece Original Fish & Chips 
3 Piece Original Fish & Chips 
4 Piece Original Fish & Chips 
Halibut (3-Piece, chips & coleslaw)  

Our Menu
Skipper's Seafood Baskets
Served with chips and coleslaw

* Popcorn Shrimp 
* Shrimp Trio 
* Prawns & Fish 
* Original Recipe Shrimp 
* Clam Strips 
* Jumbo Prawn Basket

From The  Grill
Served with two of the following:
Grilled veggies, or green salad, baked potato, or fries.
Grilled Alaskan Salmon 
* Grilled Alaskan Halibut
* Grilled Chicken Breast

(Skipper's fish  is always wild caught)
Skipper's Platter 
All your Skipper's Favorites.

A combination of clams, fish, original shrimp served with chips and coleslaw.
Dip it in Skipper's Tarter sauce and 
Skipper's Cocktail sauce.
Everyone loves it!
Skipper's Classics
A combination of any two listed below. 
 Served with chips and coleslaw

  * Chicken 
  * Fish 
  * Shrimp
  * Clams 
Served with chips.

* Fish Sandwich 
* Grilled or Fried Chicken Sandwich
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* Skipppers' Award Winning
 Clam Chowder