Location: Salem, Oregon
 Date Of Visit: 2-21-11

 Comments: We always make sure to come to this Skippers location when visiting family in Salem....mainly because Shawn Allen who I believe is the assistant manager is so great! Although all the employees here are always very pleasant, he definitely goes above and beyond to make us feel welcome and satisfied!! I have been coming in for years to this location, he always remembers me and makes my family feel so special! He is truly the best employee at any dining establishment that I have ever came in contact with!
He most definitely deserves something special for his OUTSTANDING customer service. Please let him know his thoughtfulness and hard work does not go unnoticed! 
Thanks, Cleta W.
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Customer Feedback
  Location: Skippers Sunnyside, WA
  Date Of Visit: 02/27/2011

Comments: It's been along time since we ate at Skippers since they closed the restaurants here in Yakima, 
so when we were on the road we stopped at the one in Sunnyside, and it was DELICIOUS just the way we remembered it.  
Keep Up the Good Food!  
Rodney C.
Bottom line: GREAT fish and chips. Although technically a fast food place, it doesn't feel like one when you compare it to the likes of Taco Bell, Jack-in-the-Box, etc. (I enjoy these places for fast food, but they are the epitome of fast food). Skipper's fish is high quality, fried up fresh to order (no heat lamps), and not overly greasy. Also, they bring your food to the table so it doesn't feel like you are at a fast food joint either. The staff is very friendly and nice, and the cashier even gave us a discounted price ($9.99) on their all-you-can-eat fish, chowder, and chips or baked potatoes which is normally $11.99 ($9.99 on Sundays and Tuesdays) even though we were there on a Monday. I can't emphasize how delightful their fish and chips are (and I've eaten at a large number of fish and chips places including abroad too) and their clam chowder is some of the best. In my opinion, it's way better food than the Red Lobster and much more reasonably priced; the only drawback is you don't get the ambiance of a more high end casual dining restaurant.Whitney S. Portland, OR

Location: Skippers The Dalles, OR
Date Of Visit: 12/04/2014
Comments:  Had the two piece fish platter with chowder. Food was served hot. Fish was crispy on the outside and moist inside. Service was great. Will stop in again when we are in town.
Kathy A.
I loved this location! It was most definitely worth the drive! The staff is super friendly and the place is really clean and cute on the inside. The food tasted great and was really great! My only complaint is that I wish the chowder was a little bit thicker but it still tasted amazing! I will most definitely be returning to this location in the future and hope it stays in business!